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Passkeys Authentication Challenge with Spring Boot

Passkeys are FIDO credentials that are discoverable by browsers and used for passwordless authentication. Passkeys replace passwords with cryptographic key pairs for phishing-resistant sign-in security and an improved user experience.

In this challenge, you'll learn how to use Java and Spring Boot to build a simple web app that's secured with OIDC and Auth0 and use passkeys for authentication.

To participate, choose from one of the below workflows that you prefer, complete the lab by successfully creating a Spring Boot web app, and sign in using a passkey.

To win a prize, visit the Auth0 by Okta booth and show us a successful login. Hurry, prizes are limited to the first 30 completions submitted at the booth. If you are not in the first 30, do not worry you still stand a chance to get some awesome swag from us.

If you face any issues in completing the challenge visit the Auth0 by Okta booth and we will help you complete it.

Choose your preferred workflow from the below options

Additional Resources

Visit "Get Started with Spring Web Apps" to explore other developer resources that can get you up and running with using Auth0 in Spring, such as code samples, quickstarts, SDK libraries, blog posts, and videos.

If you are new to identity and security, check out any of the following resources to get started:

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