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Golang Web Code Samples: API Security in Action

What is Golang?

The Golang (or Go) programming language is a fast, statically typed, compiled language that may feel like a dynamically typed, interpreted language. Developers can use Golang to build many types of applications, including web APIs and services. The Golang ecosystem offers many web frameworks that can help developers build RESTful APIs. However, the net/http package from the Golang Standard Library provides robust functionality to build web APIs without any framework overhead. When it comes to implementing API authorization, you can integrate the Auth0 by Okta Identity Platform with a net/http-based Golang application to deliver a balance between security, privacy, and convenience to your users.

Auth0 handles billions of login transactions each month. That's only possible because Auth0 is committed to solving complex identity problems by empowering developers with tools that meet their unique security needs and requirements. Please let us show you how Auth0 makes identity and security work for you by exploring the Golang code samples below.

Golang Authorization Code Samples

Additional Resources

If you are new to identity and security, check out any of the following resources to get started:

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