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DevDays 2022 Workshop: Level Up Your Login Experience

Updated on November 29, 2022

We will walk through four ways developers can use modern approaches to enhance their user login experience. We will explore using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), implementing a passwordless solution, using biometrics as a part of the login experience, and more.

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Workshop Labs

Workshop Leads

Sam Bellen

Sam is a Principal Developer Advocate at Auth0 and a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Sam has written several blog posts on identity and security.

He currently maintains several of our Developer Tools, such as, where you can decode, verify, and debug JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), and, where you can follow an interactive tutorial to learn all about WebAuthn.

He likes 😺 and 🎸. Please send him cat pictures!

Workshop Mentors

Deepu Sasidharan

Deepu is a Staff Developer Advocate at Auth0, an international speaker, and a published author. He is a polyglot developer, mainly working with Java, JavaScript, Rust, and Golang. He co-leads JHipster and is a Java Champion.

As an Open-source software (OSS) aficionado, Deepu created the JDL Studio, a tool for drawing sassy UML diagrams based on JDL syntax, and KDash, a fast and simple dashboard for Kubernetes.

Ronald van de Pol

Ronald is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Okta. He is interested in all things new and shiny, whether it's technology or gadgets. His primary focus is using these technologies to enhance security and usability for Okta's customers.