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DevDays 2022 Workshop: Do More With Auth0 Actions

Published on August 23, 2022

Are you ready to take action on the user login experience? Join us as we go beyond the login box with Auth0 Actions, adding extensions to their login journey, and more.

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Workshop Labs

Workshop Leads

Jordan Weiner

Jordan is a Software Engineer at Auth0. She is part of the Auth0 Ecosystem team, focusing on the Auth0 Marketplace. She is working on scaling up the Marketplace experience for partners and developers to allow even more opportunities for our users to customize their applications with features like Actions, Social Connections, and SSO Integrations.

She has worked across several industries, including education, people operations, and software. She is passionate about solving technical challenges from a people-first perspective. Outside work, you can find her running, hiking, or playing board games.

Eddie Zhou

Eddie is a Software Engineer at Auth0. He is part of the Ecosystem and Extensibility team, which owns Actions and other platform extensibility features. He primarily focuses on ensuring that the extensibility backend is scalable and secure. Outside of work, he is an enjoyer of riichi mahjong, craft beer, and reading.

Workshop Mentors

Ben Dechrai

Ben is a Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0. He is a technologist with a staunch focus on security and privacy. He loves helping developers find the joy of experimentation and designing unconventional solutions to learn something new.

Sam Bellen

Sam is a Staff Developer Advocate at Auth0 and a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Sam has written several blog posts on identity and security.

He currently maintains several of our Developer Tools, such as, where you can decode, verify, and debug JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), and, where you can follow an interactive tutorial to learn all about WebAuthn.

He likes 😺 and 🎸. Please send him cat pictures!

John Lim

John is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Okta who works from Singapore. Before joining Okta, he was a Solutions Architect with over 15 years of software development experience in embedded systems, firmware, web applications, and Software-as-a-service (SaaS) development.

At Okta, he relishes the unique opportunity to work with customers, leverage his deep technical experience to be their trusted advisor, and guide them to succeed in their identity initiatives.

He is an energized individual with recent good results in technical wins, closing some of the region’s largest opportunities and, as a result, being awarded the APAC Pre-Sales award for FY22.